Adding a new client or matter


  1. Select Clients and Matters and click on new Client.
  2. In the General Information, select if the client is an individual or a company.
  3. Enter the next client number, it will be automatically popping up if under Global settings automatic client numbering is checked.
  4. You can change the number of client while adding new client.
  5. Client number can be 12-digit long.
  6. Enter the matter number which can be 6-digit long.
  7. Select or Enter the date of opening the client.
  8. Enter the Client Name.
  9. In case Create Conflict Database in Global Settings is enabled then client/matter name will be checked for a potential conflict.  If there is no conflict, press Enter to continue.
  10. Select the Title and enter the name of the primary contact of the client.
  11. Enter the matter description in detail, this description is shown on the bills and reports.
  12. Enter the mailing address which includes the name of the person and the full address including Province and the Postal Code.
  13. Enter or Select the Type of Law.
  14. Enter or Select the Responsible Lawyer.
  15. Enter or Select the originating and assigned lawyer or assigned assistant. This field is not mandatory.
  16. Enter the relevant Contact details.
  17. Click on the next tab Additional Information of the Client and Matter.
  18. Enter the name of the opposing lawyer and the opposing party name if any.
  19. Select the Province for the tax setting of the client and if GST and PST are levied in that province.
  20. You can attach the document of the client at Client/Matter Document folder.
  21. In case client is exempt from identification and verification, check the box under Identification and Verification.
  22. Click on the next tab Billings and Statements where bill rates can be defined for a client. You can also set the new rates per lawyer.
  23. In case the billing address is same as mailing address, check the checkbox of Same as Mailing address as this address will show on the bill.
  24. E-Bill settings can be done for sending the bills, receipts and the statement of accounts by email to the client.
  25. Distribution of statement setting and billed fees and receipts settings can be done.
  26. Click on the next tab Conflict Information where conflict Information can be added for a client or matter by clicking on Add Conflict Information and filling up the form.


  • For addition of New Lawyers, refer to manual How to enter new lawyer.
  • For Tips on Global Settings, refer to the manual. Remember you can have the default rate, Optional rate, custom rate as per the lawyer or the custom flat rate set up for one client.
  • If you want to add the new matter for the same client, select the client from the list in clients and Matters, click on New Client/Matter in Clients and Matters and select New Matter for Selected Clients and follow the same instructions above with the exception that the Client Number cannot be changed here.
  • Enter the last name first so that you can search clients/matters alphabetically.