Create Client Prebills and Bills

The Create Prebills and Bills feature is used to show the amount owed by the client for the services rendered.

Steps :

  1. Click on Clients and Matters and select New Transaction > Create Pre-bills and Bills.
  2. Select or enter the date for transactions up to and the date to appear on the bill.
  3. Click on Click here to add bill.
  4. Select or enter client/matter.
  5. Select a bill template.
  6. Double click on Time and Fees and select the transactions you want to include.
  7. Confirm the total amount chargeable for Time and Fees.
  8. Click on Save and Close.
  9. For Flat Fees, click on Flat fees and enter the description and the amount.
  10. Enter the amount of discount if any.
  11. Double click on disbursements and select the transactions you want to include in this bill.
  12. The total amount of GST will automatically be calculated as per the total amount of a bill. Alternatively, you can also change these amounts.
  13. In case funds needs to be transferred from the trust and shown to the client, click on payment and type the amount to be transferred from trust.
  14. Click on View bills.
  15. In case a bill needs to be removed, select that bill and click on remove selected bill.
  16. Click on Finalise bills and the choose any one from the options displayed to Post the bill.


Tips :

  • In case of billing for multiple clients, select click here to add multiple bills.
  • The benefit of selecting quick bill is that you do not have to enter the client number.
  • To customize a billing template, click on Lists and Template and customize template as per requirements.
  • Make sure the date to appear on a bill is correct. The date on a bill is chosen before entering a bill in Create Pre-bills and Bills.
  • Bill transactions up to and the date to appear on a bill can be different.
  • In case bills are not finalized, bills will remain in the Create Pre-bills and Bills window until the same is removed and the status of time and fees and disbursements related to a bill will show as Pre-billed.
  • A bill can be allocated in four ways :
    • A – All to the Responsible Lawyer
    • P – Prorate based on time
    • M – Manually enter the amounts
    • R – Manually enter percentages