How to create contacts

The Contacts feature is used to keep track of all of the contact information for people associated with your clients/matters, your firm’s vendors and suppliers, and your personal contacts.

You can assign a type to contacts (defaults are Client, Vendor/Supplier and Personal but you can’t customize the list) and a role (for example, Expert Witness or Prospective Client). You can designate personal contacts as Private, while sharing others with other users.

After adding a contact you can assign it to clients and matters, vendors, and lawyers/timekeepers. Associating your contacts with the related client files or vendors means that you can quickly and easily access contact information directly from the Linked People tab in Clients & Matters and Vendors menus.

You can mark you contacts as Private to make them available for your user account only. All other contacts will be visible for every user in your company (depending on rights given).

In addition, you can also create and print notes for each contact and identify and verify them.

Contacts tips

  • Conflict Search feature enables you to search the Contacts database for conflict of interest information. However, private contacts are not searched. Therefore, don’t designate a contact record as private if you want it included in conflict searches.
  • You can create/assign contacts to clients/matters or vendors using the Linked People tab in the respective menu without going to Contacts menu. The procedure is similar for each.
  • Use Search field to easily find the contact you are looking for by entering contact name, company name or phone number.