Overview of Clients and Matters

Clients & Matters is used to organize your firms active and closed clients and matters as well as do conflict searches, enter new transactions, produce Quickbills, access client/matter documents in the assigned folder, keep notes, assign contacts and lawyers, and keep track of identification/verification process.

Clients & Matters is your central software screen where you can complete most of your day-to-day activities.

General and Balances tab

In this tab you can get a quick access to client/matter description, contact details, general information such as who the responsible lawyer is, account balances and the latest activity on the file. All Account Balances are clickable and will take you to the appropriate ledger. You can also open a linked document folder by clicking on “View Documents”.

In the Balances tab, you can review Year-to-Date and Life-to-Date balances for client/matter as well as summary of A/R history.

Time & Fees, Disbursements, Trust and Bills & Payments tabs

These tabs contain all transactions that have been posted to client or matter. The “Status” field identifies the current state of transactions and you can use the filter to view Unbilled, Pre-Billed, Billed, Reversed, Written-Off or Edited transactions at that time. The “Type” field gives you an idea of how the transaction was entered, for example, in Disbursements tab, you might see “Vendor Invoice”, which means the disbursement has been posted through Enter Vendor Invoices.

You can easily edit, reverse, transfer and write-off your transactions – simply right-click and choose from available options. Keep in mind that you must reverse a bill first before you can modify a billed transaction (time and fees, disbursements).

Conflict Information and Linked People tabs

The Conflict Information feature enables you to track additional conflict parties, e.g. Opposing Party, to make sure you get the most accurate conflict search report.

In Linked People, you can have an unlimited amount of contact to your client or matter as well as assign lawyers and timekeepers.

Notes and Identify/Verify tabs

These sections allow you to store notes and keep track of the status of identifying and verifying your clients.