Just released – major update to ESILAW 360

We’ve just released our first major update in 2016 for ESILAW 360. This latest release includes new features such as emailing bills, an email manager for bills, customizable forms for e-bills, custom fields with the ability to create field sets by type of law, and alerts. We’ve also fixed many of the reported issues and thank you for your electronic submissions as they help us to greatly improve 360. In addition, we’ve made some major changes that ensure clients with very large databases with upwards of a few million transactions experience amazing application performance! Coming soon are the following features; disbursement import (cost recovery), a significantly enhanced limitation diary feature, lawyer and G/L budgets, interest on statements, e-Statements (e-mailing statements), cheque requisitions and a whole lot more.

Details about the new features in this release and available below.

e-Bills and Email Manager

You can now send your clients bills by email and manage unsent emails using the Email Manager.  To set a client up for e-billing, edit the client or matter and enable the e-bill settings.  You will also need to specify the clients email address for e-bill delivery.


You can customize your e-bill template before you start sending e-bills in the Lists > Templates feature by selecting Email Templates.


You will also need to set up your smtp server settings in the Email Manager before you can send emails.  Contact your internet provider for these settings.


After your client has been set up for e-Bills, they will automatically be queued up in the email manager when you finalize the bill.  The email manager is used to preview bills as a last step, prior to sending them.  You can access the email manager the new Alerts feature in the top right corner if you have pending emails to be sent.  Note that e-bills can be removed in the Email Manager if you choose not to send them.


Alerts Feature

A new alerts feature, as shown above, is now available and accessible by clicking Alerts in the top right corner.  The Alerts features shows you important information such as unsent e-Bills, unposted transactions, and pending deposits.  More alerts will be added in future versions.

Font Scaling

ESILAW 360 will now handle any size of Windows font scaling.  This allows you to adjust your Windows settings if you prefer to run large fonts such as 200% above normal, making everything easier to read without any information cut off on the screen.

Custom Fields

The new custom fields feature can be used to set up individual custom fields for contacts, clients/matters and vendors and sets of custom fields that can be assigned by type of law to clients and matters.  This will make it easier to track additional information about your contacts, clients/matters and vendors.

To create new custom fields you must have permission in your user group to access the custom fields feature, located under the Lists > Custom Fields menu.  Once you have created custom fields you will be able to view them under the corresponding contact, client, matter or vendor based on the settings you chose and input information in the fields.