January 2018 ESILAW 360 Update

The following items have been added, updated or addressed in the latest ESILAW 360 update.

  • Added a new time entry report option to the Snapshot feature, which allows users to run their own time or fee entry report. A date range can be applied allowing the user to easily view their time entries in a specified time period.
  • Added functionality to pertaining to stale dated cheques where a disbursement has been posted to the client ledger in a billed or unbilled state. This allows users to process stale date cheques without impacting the client disbursement ledger or bill.
  • Improved selecting of financial year dates and ranges in financial reports.
  • Added a function in Global Settings on the general tab to allow automatic closing of the ESILAW 360 application if it is idle for a set amount of time.
  • Added a link for Remote Support under the Help menu to make it easier to access when technical support is required.
  • General enhancements and bug fixes.