Important Update – ESILAW 360 Digital Signatures

We have upgraded ESILAW 360 digital signature to comply with higher standards of application security. The expected release date of this update is November 7th 2019. When you launch ESILAW 360 after the update a window will appear when you run ESILAW 360 .

To prepare for this update please confirm the location of your ESILAW 360 company file or database using the step below.

Where is my company file located? In ESILAW 360, go to Maintenance > Installation & Configuration and take screenshot or make a note of your selected options on that screen.

When you launch ESILAW 360 after the update is released, the window below appears. Click on the Install button to continue.

Once successfully installed you will see the following screen and will be able to select the location of your company file (ESILAW 360 database). When you see this screen select the company file location that you noted in the previous step and select Finish.