Development update for ESILAW 360

As you may have noticed we have been releasing weekly updates to ESILAW 360 over the past several weeks to provide you with new time-saving features as quickly as possible and to address reported issues in a timely manner. We will continue to release these weekly updates for the next several weeks to ensure you receive new features and fixes as soon as they are ready for release. As summer approaches, we’ll move towards a new release schedule whereby updates will likely be released once or twice a month. We thank you for your tremendous feedback and suggestions and will be adding a lot of the great ideas we have received to the product in the near future. We encourage you to continue sending us your suggestions as they will help us improve ESILAW 360 and help us continue to build a robust, time-saving solution for everyone.

Below is a list of recently added features that are now available in ESILAW 360.

  • Several changes to bank reconciliation features and functions based on user feedback to simplify and improve reconciling.
  • General and trust check requisitions – You can now request both general and trust cheques from the Client & Matter center using the New Transaction menu and from the Daily Activities and Banking & Reconciliation navigators.
  • Interest calculation feature for statements – In global settings under the financial tab you can define an interest rate to apply to overdue clients bills or invoices. When you produce statements, you have the option to apply interest, which will calculate based on the rate you set in global settings and date of the bill or invoice.
  • View available trust funds in Write Trust Checks and Request Trust Checks – To help determine the location of trust funds when requesting or writing trust checks, we have added a new button called ‘View available funds by client’ in Write Trust Checks and Request Trust Checks.  This will allow you to easily lookup the bank the funds are located in when requesting or writing checks.
  • A Bill of Costs report has been added under Reports.
  • Updated document management compatibility for One Drive and One Drive for Business.

The following features were also added in previous updates.

  • E-mail bills and statements and e-mail manager – Bills and statements can be emailed to clients as long as the client has been set up to receive either.  You can configure email settings when editing a client or matter.  In addition, you can customize email templates in the Template feature and view bills or statements before they are sent in the Email Manager feature, which is accessible under Alerts.
  • Custom fields – Custom fields can be added to clients, contacts and vendors and can also be added to clients by type of law.
  • Alerts – A new alerts feature is now available in the top right corner to keep you informed about important items such as emails you need to send out.
  • Font scaling – We have made further improvements that allow you to scale your Windows fonts to any size to improve readability throughout the entire application.