ESILAW 360 Update and 2016 Schedule

Throughout 2016 we’ll be releasing new ESILAW 360 features just about every month of the year.  We’ll keep you posted regularly on the features that are coming so you’re well aware of what is on the horizon.  On another note, we’ve just published a significant update to ESILAW 360 that addresses a number of reported issues and adds a few new features, which are listed below:

  • You can now post bills and print them or export them to Word or PDF.  In addition, you can post bills and close the billing window using Post & Close if you choose not to print bills.
  • We’ve added the ability to grant or restrict access to searches by transaction type in the Find feature.  This can be used to control access to sensitive information in the firm if you do not want certain users searching for specific types of transactions such as cheque or journal entries.
  • The cheque printing and reprinting features have been changed to only display cheques for the user who created the cheque.

In early 2016, likely January or February, we will be releasing significant enhancements to billing, transaction editing, and also a new feature to allow importing of transactions such as third party disbursements (cost recovery).  If you have any features requests or suggestions, we encourage you to send them to us by selecting the Submit Feedback link in the top right corner of the ESILAW 360 application.  We’d love to hear from you and value everyone’s suggestions and feedback as it helps immensely in improving ESILAW!