esiLaw 360 5.2.3 release

esiLaw 360 5.2.3 Release  – Thursday, February 16, 2023

esiLaw will undergo a maintenance release on Thursday, February 16, 2023. As a result, esiLaw will be unavailable from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm while the work is completed.

If you recently updated to the current version of esiLaw, you should receive a prompt asking you to update to the latest version, esiLaw 5.2.3.  If you skip the prompt or don’t get one, you will need to download the latest version at

This update incorporates the addition of Unity as a data import option and 21 bug fixes. As always, we strongly encourage you to update to the latest version of esiLaw for the best user experience. If you have any questions or run into any issues updating, please contact our customer support team.



New Feature: 

  1. Unity Data Import: Seamlessly import data from a Unity .txt file without any manual data entry. To learn more, go to: 

Bug Fixes

  1. FIXED: GST/Tax on Accounts round-up on bills
  2. FIXED: Unit and Rate data for photocopy when bill is exported to XML
  3. FIXED: Enter key not working in payee field on Write General cheque
  4. FIXED: Bank Journal report – date range perimeter
  5. FIXED: Report Billing Realization data consistency on lawyer report
  6. FIXED: E-Statements / Reminders: not all reminders display
  7. FIXED: Reports – Automatic Limitation Report (Events, Tasks & Limitation) does not show all the limitation entries
  8. FIXED: bill payment Total Payment amount
  9. FIXED: Payment Amount under Pay Unbilled Disbursements overrides the original amount entered
  10. FIXED: System glitch in reversing a Trust Receipt
  11. FIXED: Administration fee calculation as per the defined percentage
  12. FIXED: System glitch in reversing a Trust Cheque
  13. FIXED: Value for Address Line 2, City, Country, Province, Postal Code, Business Phone 2, Business Fax & Home Fax
  14. FIXED: Reports: Bank Journal does not have enough space for $, shows as #####
  15. FIXED: Transaction listing from Pre-bill summary report show amount as #####
  16. FIXED: esiLaw Web setup URL
  17. FIXED: Entries for Time & Fees and Bills & Payments after selecting the Client/Matter
  18. FIXED: Reports -> Unbilled (Work – in progress ) -> UnBilled Aging – Crashes application.
  19. FIXED: Trust Transfer cheque description reads “st Transfer to Pay Bill”
  20. FIXED: Select option for the Reports is different for few options and not properly shown for few items
  21. FIXED: Reports – Lawyer balance summary Filter (Value)