Effective Dec 1st, 2019 Support Ends for ESILaw 2015.1.3 and Earlier Versions

Note that this bulletin does not apply to ESILAW 360 users.

Effective December 1st, 2019, ESILaw 2015.1.3 and earlier versions will no longer be supported. This is due to the fact that the new desktop version, ESILaw 2015.1.4, contains a critical security update that safeguards the integrity of your ESILaw application and promotes a safe experience for all customers. The security advancement also ensures that future application updates are provided by a trusted source to further enhance end user security.

To ensure that you qualify for support from our Customer Service Team, and are prepared to meet upcoming year-end obligations, please upgrade to ESILaw 2015.1.4.

Click here to learn more about upgrading to ESILAW 2015.1.4

If you have any questions about what version of ESILaw you’re running or have any other questions regarding the upgrade, please contact our Customer Support Team.


The Dye & Durham ESILaw Team