Document management for clients and matters

The Document Management feature is used to organize documents for your clients and matters. This feature gives you a quick access to the folder where you store your client related documents. You are able to assign folders on your local computer or network, as well as on Google Drive, Dropbox, and […]

User accounts

User accounts are used to manage software security by enabling you to provide access to menu functions to a user group, and to assign users to the group. A user who belongs to a group has all the rights granted to that group. Your software license determines how many user accounts […]

How to create contacts

The Contacts feature is used to keep track of all of the contact information for people associated with your clients/matters, your firm’s vendors and suppliers, and your personal contacts. You can assign a type to contacts (defaults are Client, Vendor/Supplier and Personal but you can’t customize the list) and a […]

How to process an NSF in ESILAW 360

This feature is used when the cheque is returned by the bank because of the non sufficient funds. Steps Open Clients & Matters. Select New Transaction and choose Enter NSF. Select the bank account that the NSF cheque occurred on. Enter or Select the date of the NSF. Enter the original […]

We’re Almost There!

ESILAW 360 Desktop and Cloud is literally just around the corner. We’ve been working furiously to complete this project and to deliver to you the best solution on the market for legal practice management and accounting. Just a few more weeks and we’ll be ready for launch so keep your […]