August 2017 ESILAW 360 Update

The following items have been added, updated or addressed in the latest ESILAW 360 update.

  • Added a new feature to allow editing of paid and unpaid bills from Clients & Matters and the Find feature.
  • Added a new Audit Journal report to allow reporting on all bank transactions for trust or general banks using a specified date range. This allow easy review of all transactions that affect the bank, incoming or outgoing.
  • Added an additional signature line to general and trust receipts.
  • Added Global Setting option to allow closing of the books as of a specific date. This prevents users from backdating transactions prior to the ‘Books closed as of date’ without a password.
  • Added repeating entries for general and trust transactions to help speed up data entry. Allows users to tab or enter through fields to populate the field value with the previously entered value.
  • Updated memorized reports to allow printing of all reports in a group more easily. Also addressed issue with updating dates for reports in a group.
  • Added new time entry features including autosave and an option to display client name and matter description in the grid.
  • Added the ability to allow users to edit time and disbursement descriptions in Create Pre-bills & Bills without editing the actual transactions. Edited descriptions can also be reset to the original description.
  • Improved load time on client ledgers.
  • Added option to save login password.
  • Added a new write-down feature to allow users to write down a bill by reducing fees, disbursements and taxes. This is different than editing the bill in that it will display an write down transaction type in the Bills & Payments ledger.
  • Added batch transfer and write off features.
  • Added an anticipated disbursements tab in Create Pre-bills & Bills to allow recording of anticipated disbursements at the time of billing.
  • Added a Snapshot report to allow timekeepers to view their own lawyer balance summary report, while preventing them from viewing the same report for other timekeepers. Uses can still use the standard Lawyer Balance Summary report to run reports for multiple lawyers or timekeepers when needed.
  • General enhancements and bug fixes.